Engineers India Limited EIL interview questions and written test question paper for chemical Engineering(2009)


1.        Polymers molecular weight range
Ans: 10^3 to 10^7
2.        If the insulation thickness is greater than the critical radius Rc then what is effect on the heat losses? Explain the phenomena.
Ans: Increases the Heat Transfer Rate.
3.        Initially Pulp has 75% Water in it. After removal Of 100 kg of Water the Pulp then composition of water in it is 30%. So what is the initial weight of the Pulp?
4.        What is the Order and molecularity Of the reaction? H2+Cl2 ___> 2HCl
5.        Heat of the Reaction One Question They gave some Reaction and The heat o formations of Reactants and Products.
Ans: The heat o formations of (Products – Reactants)
6.        The kinetics of two reactions are r1=k1CA and r2=K2 CA2 and they have E1 < E2 to maximize the selectivity which reactor configuration should we use?
Ans: PFR with low Temperature
7.        Write relation for the reaction 1/2 N2+O2 ___>NO2
Ans: -r (N2) = -2 r(O2)= 2 r(NO2)
8.        The pilot plant distillation Column is scaled up for 3 times then what will be effect on               a) # of the trays b) Liquid and Vapor flow rates c) minimum # of the trays
9.        When a distillation column is operating minimum reflux ratio then what happens?
10.     Solvent contains (no solute A) water of 10 Kg and Solid (30 Kg) contains Xf=0.2 we have to find out the weight of Extract? /some thing likes this?
11.     Measure Of Volatility = (YA/XA)/(YB/XB)
12.     How do you find the composition when Benzene is mixed with some toulene at 80 oC for known Equilibrium Pressure and Vapor Pressures of both Of components?
Ans: Benzene and Toulene in liquid mixture obeys Roults Law by using this we can find composition
13.     Define Compressibility factor
14.     Boiling temp of substance A is 60 oC and substance B is 80 oC then the boiling point of the mixture A and B will be _______________.
15.     In which case the Work for Compression in a Cylinder is minimum                                   a) Isothermal Process b) Adiabatic Process c) Polyntropic Process
16.     What is the range of applicability for Dittus – Bolteus’s correlation in transport processes?
17.     What is the function of the baffles in a heat exchanger
18.     What will you do to enhance the heat transfer coefficient in natural convection
19.     Which of the following requires Power /Kg Crushed is minimum                                           a) boll mill  b)rod mill         c) jaw Crusher
20.     Classify the mills based on the A) material size  B) the power consumption
21.     State the stokes law and mention its limitations
22.     Write the transfer functions for various controllers.
23.     State the Phase rule and its application
24.     What do you call the conversion of aromatics to alkanes?
25.     What is the working principle of the cyclone separator?
26.     What is the fanning factor?
27.     What is the effect of the Pressure on specific heat of a gas and liquid?

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