Horizontal Type:

This type of arrangement is most common in industries. Multi cylinder reciprocating compressors with horizontal cylinders are very often designed as balanced opposed type. Balanced opposed frame is characterized by adjacent pair of crank 180° out of phase and separated by crank webs only. With this configuration inertia forces are balanced. The balanced-opposed design is separable frame.
 Vertical Inline or V-type:

Vertical in line or V-type are used for small or moderate compression ratio and
duty. Normally this type of compressors cylinder arrangement are non-lubricated
type and occupy less space. See figure 18.
 Labyrinth piston compressors

These are vertical type. In this type of compressor, rider rings and piston rings are not used as in case of horizontal type. Piston is having labyrinth type piece at the centre called skirt. Cylinder is also having serration like labyrinths on its inside surface. Piston is not in direct contact with the cylinder and close clearance is maintained in between both. These machines are very popular in the service where total dry operation is required as in case of polypropylene and polyethylene plant.

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